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The basic idea was to build a table lamp composed of modules of the cubic form which if detached from the main module emitted own light thanks to an internal battery.


However, aesthetically, the complete blockade resulted in monolithic form and unattractive, so the single cubic form is transformed into spherical (most ergonomic and aesthetically better).

It also amended the grouping: it is no longer possible to create a single base cube as the balls do not have to create them would damage the mating faces and aesthetics.

Cube from the family becomes cluster that contains all the required modules.

Thus these instead be placed on a plane are hung at different heights, thus allowing the play of light and custom arrangements.


The cluster is re-grouping the individual balls hanging through the convergence of electric cables in one place, thanks to the use of a guide / sheath.

To contain the balls and ensure an attack to the electrical network, we have created a structure of the form to the goblet which slenderness and sinuosity allows to have a composition that contains any form perfectly bright.

The functionality of the structure thus obtained also allows the creation of bajour table, without the addition of any 

particular except the use of a disc as pyramidal support base (flut) so we created two different objects but identical.


This allows the transport of a single module, which, thanks to an internal battery and its low power consumption, light emitting 

without emission of heat (due to the use of LEDs) being equipped with a 9-Volt Battery 600 mAh its yield will be about 3 hours.


by Federico Cavazza & Andrea Poggiali

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