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I'm a designer whose mission is to be able to create innovative products that meet the different needs of people or companies, learning techniques that allow you to create objects with innovative design methodology and rapid implementation, starting with an idea.

During my course of study undertaken in NABA in Milan and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, the passion for the digital modeling has given me a lot of curiosity, and it was a great incentive to teach yourself how to use different software for 3D modeling; gradually improving my skills and achievements.

Over time I developed the idea of ​​shaping an object, like a lamp innovative, useful to people, low-power, multi-purpose, which could reflect characteristics of style and technology. The Lighting Design fascinates me, being a constantly evolving sector thanks to new technology constantly updated.

My former high school of electronics and the family business, specializing in the design and production of electronic boards, helped me to get interested more and more in the design of bright objects technologically advanced.


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